Thursday, July 18, 2013


Trust. Even if you are underground like a seed that hasn’t germinated yet. Trust even if you are wrapped up tightly in a dark cocoon and memories of your green days seem unreal to you now. Trust even when the root begins to break out of the shell of your seed-self. It will feel like you are being split in half--being broken--like your world is exploding. Trust through the pain of the breaking.

Trust when you start to wake up in a too-tight space--when you feel claustrophobic and panicked and all you want to do is thrash around CRAZY until you get out. Trust that the space isn’t too tight for you--that you will be given the strength you need to get out at the right time. Trust when the wind feels freezing on your still-wet wings that you already have everything you need to fly.

Trust that you will be ready. You will know what to do when it is TIME.


  1. Trust is my word for the year, and I have not thought about it recently. This post is a wonderful reawakening! Glad I've connected with you through CDJ and Jamie!

  2. Yay for CDJ! You are Lisa, right?


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