Friday, June 8, 2012

Everything is an Adventure

My mom tells me that when I was a kid she could come in my room when I was sound asleep and say "Shelley, wake up! Do you want to go __________ with me? (insert any destination--grocery shopping, the circus, the typewriter repair store...) and I would open my eyes and and sit right up no matter what time it was and say "Yes!" 

I'm sure I get my sense of adventure from her. We'd be driving somewhere and see a sign for a scenic overlook or an ad for an out of the way cafe/boutique and she would look at us in the back seat and say "Let's go!" I love that about her! And now I realize I do the same thing with Sadie. Yesterday we were trying out a new eatery (Granny Gert's in Rushford--for local friends it used to be Jack and Mary's...) and on the way back I thought I was going to the boat launch area of the lake, but realized that I had taken the wrong turn and ended up at the top of the hill with a great view of the valley. We could see the one-lane bridge in Caneadea and I pointed it out to Sades and said 'Let's Go!'

We stood in the middle of the bridge and looked down through the metal at the river below, and I felt almost as breathless as I did when we stood at top of the CN Tower and looked down at Toronto through the glass floor. Then we found a path that led down to the cement girders under the bridge and had fun looking up at a couple on bikes who had no idea we were there.

It really was an adventure!

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  1. This is so dear!!!! I love the feet picture!!!


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