Saturday, June 16, 2012

Show and Tell: Inner Excavation Wk 1

 I am really enjoying working through the prompts from Liz Lamoreux's book Inner Excavation.
 One of the first assignments was to  'set an intention' for what I wanted to focus on or learn from the next 7 weeks:
After that we could focus on whatever prompts or activities we felt connected to.
 One of my favorite exercises was to create a 'word toolbox' by grabbing a book off of the nearest shelf and making a list of words--then writing an "I am..." poem using the words we found. 
 I was blown away by how easy it was to capture what I wanted to say by using the list (I used a few books and a magazine)  I wasn't thinking about writing the poem when I was picking out random words--I was just writing down words I liked. So much fun!


  1. A great post! I put my toolbox on my iPad but I love the paper list. Still someone about the real thing.
    I liked your intention, clear and specific.

  2. Hi GraceGal! Thanks for checking out my post! I'm an analog girl at heart...I like the feel of paper in my hands. :)

  3. Urgent truth excursions - I love the sound of that! I too found this exercise so inspiring ... initially I had passed it over when I first read the book. So glad for the company of others to show me the beauty of these practices.

    xo Lis

  4. Lis,
    I passed over the exercise when I first got the book too! I'm so glad I did it this time--I feel so inspired to collect words. It was like my brain didn't have to do the heavy lifting it usually does when I write--I could get SO used to that! :) Thanks for commenting and being along for this collective journey.

  5. This is great - I like that "Inner Excavation" - sounds like a deep practice to delve into.


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